When you hear a clicking sound from your computer


After pressing the power button, you prepare a nice cup of coffee. The day started off right and you’re ready to get some work done. You hear some weird noises, like a clicking sound. It’s coming from your computer.

You discover your computer hasn’t even loaded into the windows environment. There is no way you are able to get into your computer. No way to access your projects. What are you feeling at that time? And what do you?

I am working on this computer, no amount of troubleshooting can and have worked. The hard drive is gone. It has thing clicking sound, and I have heard this sound so many times.

What I would do. . .

  • Purchase a new hard drive.
  • Try to recover any data from it, if possible.
  • Load the Operating System back on it (windows 7 or 10) or whatever valid license they provide (e.g. a legal copy)
  • Provide the owner options for backup solutions & setup
  • Educate the owner of why backing up is important and necessary

You never know when it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen! Ensure you have a backup plan before you lose that important project. You can never be too busy to get your data backed up.