Hardware Repair

Laptop memory replacement

The worse thing anyone can experience is waiting for something to load. Your most favorite programs takes a decade to open. During the time you are working every is sluggish. The performance of your system provides you more than enough time for you to make coffee, prepare breakfast and to finish that breakfast. Waiting to do a simple thing can make you want to stick a fork in your eye and pull your hair right out your head.

It may be time for a memory upgrade. This means a new lease on life. Even your tortured soul. Your computer will run so smoothly that you would think you tossed out that old junk and purchased a new one.

First, lets take a moment to understand what RAM is. One of the benefits of more RAM is a better and more smooth experience in multitasking. If you have a lot of memory, you can quickly switch back and forth between applications. Now to clarify this even more. Your computer is possibly slow because all the applications or windows you have open and switch back and forth is whats slowing it down. Which means you may need more RAM to allow you to multitask. Upgrading RAM doesn’t really make your computer faster but allow you to multitask your workload without slowing your PC down.

We can replace the bad hardware components in your laptop or desktop. This includes diagnosing the source of the problem.