Bad Advertisements

I clicked a post to read on a bad news listing. I was going through the comments and I found this picture and thought it was funny at first but I realized that even though many will be disgusted and ignore the cheap advertising some actually will like to check it out.

Many like this will post their advertisements in a comment sections. Is it another one of these get rich scams? Probably so. If they were legit enough then I am sure they wouldn’t go this low because the real get rich programs know exactly how to advertise and they wouldn’t take cheap shots like this. So if you were thinking about checking something like this out. Don’t! Believe me you will be wasting time and your money because you will have to pay to get in anyways.

Many people think that getting rich quick is the way to go. It could be but working hard is the only way to go. The real programs still have to work hard to become successful and don’t take cheap shots. Just a fair warning when you see silly things like this.

If it sounds too good to be true, once again then it probably is. Before making any decision to become a member of something think before you click a link or join a member that promises you thousands in a month at least until you do your homework.

Well I saw this post and laughed. So I thought I share this.

Oh and more thing. Sometimes those links are not great to click anyways. They can be a VIRUS or something!!! Just saying.