Merry Christmas


Red Agent Solutions would like to thank every one of  my customers and clients for your much appreciated business and support.

We will like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays.

Enjoy season with your family and remember we are here when need some assistance on those new computers! ENJOY!

Spilled Liquid on Laptop


Spilling any kind of liquid on your laptop is not the best feeling in the world. I know. Your heart falls right out of your chest. You just fried your computer and you need your data from it. It’s not the end of the world. You can at least get your data from that computer, at least most of it. I even had a laptop where I dropped it down the stairs. Don’t ask but it worked for awhile but eventually it died.

So I took the task and recovered my data from it. I mean this was my first laptop and it was what I used for college. My second year attending ITT Technical Institute located in Warrensville Hts, Ohio when it was first opened. So I collected a lot of work on that thing and well never thought about a backup back then either. There was some very important projects on it and I had no choice but to figure out a way to get my data out of it and onto a new machine.

Just take it from me, its not a lost cause yet. Don’t give up on your computer, if you cannot do it yourself, find someone to get the data. Ensure you find someone you trust because not everyone will respect your privacy when they have access to your computer. So DO NOT get Mooky from the corner or the Man in Van Pizza Tech guy and expect professional work. This job is not free nor cheap but we can recover for an afford rate than huge box office companies.

How Customers Get Infected

I am always asked “how can I get infected?” or “why am I getting infected when I bought antivirus?” I usually pause and smile before I answer. It’s not enough to just have a program for virus. You still have to watch what you are doing and always this thing called the layered approached. You have to be mindful when opening your email, you always have to ensure not only your operating system is updated, but all the 3rd party programs are updated as well. This keeps software patched from many outdated programs from being exploited and leaving you vulnerable. Your habits when you browse is just as bad, which in most cases you can’t always know what sites are bad or have been exploited but having your computer layered with the best protection can help.

Nothing is 100%. You will never be 100% secured. But you can be 98% protected and watch what you do and ensure you adopt habits that will check to ensure everything is up to date.

The best thing to do is if you can’t do it yourself find someone who can, think of your computer as a child or baby, they must get checked up or they will get sick. You must take your PC in to get checked and/or keep them from things that will make them sick.

Computer Repair

Computer Repair Bedford Heights


The holidays are coming! Get your computer repaired in Bedford Heights, Ohio. We can do the following:

  • Virus Clean and Tune Up
  • Reload computer
  • Backup and restore computer
  • Erase old or confidential data of drive 
  • Networking
  • IT support for small businesses

We also would like to ask if you have any computer equipment or old pc’s you no longer use, please contact us. We would like to take them off your hands and reuse anything for our new training academy that’s coming soon. Details will be released soon!

Red Agent Solutions

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New Service

Coming soon, we will be happy to provide a way to sell gear, equipment, services and digital products right off our own page. Get it all here!

Some of the items are:

  • Training courses
  • Red Agent Gear
  • Website Themes
  • Remote Services
  • Digital products (ebooks)
  • and much more.

Stay tuned as our store grows.