Holiday Discount July 4

10% off virus removal

It’s July 4th and a great way to celebrate is to offer a 10% discount on our virus removal and PC tune-up services. Simply text:  NOVIRUS10 to 440.815.1733 with your contact information.

WAIT THERE’S MORE! One of you will be picked for a FREE virus or PC tune-up. So now is the time to get those texts in.

Rules: The entire discount is the entire month of July, the FREEBIE is just for this week and will be pulled by this Saturday. If there is an urgent need for the service please ensure that that in the details or when we call you to set up an appointment.

All You Need is A Domain and some Hosting

At that moment, when you have that GREAT idea for a website, you ask yourself where do I start? That is the best question you can ever ask. Even once you find your website designer or you want to design the website yourself. You must understand the first step. That is registering a domain name and sign up for hosting.

Godaddy is simply a place where you purchase your domain names and hosting. They do offer other excellent products to use for your business.

What is a Domain?

Think of the domain as the address of your home. It’s what you provide when you want something sent to you or if someone wants to come visit you. When you provide someone your website domain, you are giving them the address to go check out your website. A typical domain may look something like

What is Hosting? 

Let’s think about the hosting as your home. The place you live in. The place where you store almost everything you own. It’s the same as your hosting you are storing everything you want to share on a hosting which is simply a remote computer. And every month, you are paying a fee for your website you live there.

What are the fees?

When you are asked by your website developer do you have a domain and hosting, you would provide them just that; your website address and access to your hosting. On an average the rate is $11.99 for a .com. I will say first timers may get lucky with $2.99. The thing is paying for your domain is yearly. The hosting is usually depending on the package which the cheapest one is $8.99 a month. You can choose to pay yearly and you will get a decent discount.

When thinking about your new website ensure you find yourself a registrar such as Godaddy or maybe you found someone else but set up your domain and hosting and you will be ready to design your website.

Hardware Repair

Laptop memory replacement

The worse thing anyone can experience is waiting for something to load. Your most favorite programs takes a decade to open. During the time you are working every is sluggish. The performance of your system provides you more than enough time for you to make coffee, prepare breakfast and to finish that breakfast. Waiting to do a simple thing can make you want to stick a fork in your eye and pull your hair right out your head.

It may be time for a memory upgrade. This means a new lease on life. Even your tortured soul. Your computer will run so smoothly that you would think you tossed out that old junk and purchased a new one.

First, lets take a moment to understand what RAM is. One of the benefits of more RAM is a better and more smooth experience in multitasking. If you have a lot of memory, you can quickly switch back and forth between applications. Now to clarify this even more. Your computer is possibly slow because all the applications or windows you have open and switch back and forth is whats slowing it down. Which means you may need more RAM to allow you to multitask. Upgrading RAM doesn’t really make your computer faster but allow you to multitask your workload without slowing your PC down.

We can replace the bad hardware components in your laptop or desktop. This includes diagnosing the source of the problem.

When you hear a clicking sound from your computer


After pressing the power button, you prepare a nice cup of coffee. The day started off right and you’re ready to get some work done. You hear some weird noises, like a clicking sound. It’s coming from your computer.

You discover your computer hasn’t even loaded into the windows environment. There is no way you are able to get into your computer. No way to access your projects. What are you feeling at that time? And what do you?

I am working on this computer, no amount of troubleshooting can and have worked. The hard drive is gone. It has thing clicking sound, and I have heard this sound so many times.

What I would do. . .

  • Purchase a new hard drive.
  • Try to recover any data from it, if possible.
  • Load the Operating System back on it (windows 7 or 10) or whatever valid license they provide (e.g. a legal copy)
  • Provide the owner options for backup solutions & setup
  • Educate the owner of why backing up is important and necessary

You never know when it’s going to happen. It’s going to happen! Ensure you have a backup plan before you lose that important project. You can never be too busy to get your data backed up.

Bad Advertisements

I clicked a post to read on a bad news listing. I was going through the comments and I found this picture and thought it was funny at first but I realized that even though many will be disgusted and ignore the cheap advertising some actually will like to check it out.

Many like this will post their advertisements in a comment sections. Is it another one of these get rich scams? Probably so. If they were legit enough then I am sure they wouldn’t go this low because the real get rich programs know exactly how to advertise and they wouldn’t take cheap shots like this. So if you were thinking about checking something like this out. Don’t! Believe me you will be wasting time and your money because you will have to pay to get in anyways.

Many people think that getting rich quick is the way to go. It could be but working hard is the only way to go. The real programs still have to work hard to become successful and don’t take cheap shots. Just a fair warning when you see silly things like this.

If it sounds too good to be true, once again then it probably is. Before making any decision to become a member of something think before you click a link or join a member that promises you thousands in a month at least until you do your homework.

Well I saw this post and laughed. So I thought I share this.

Oh and more thing. Sometimes those links are not great to click anyways. They can be a VIRUS or something!!! Just saying.

Where Are They Now?

There is no better computer repair service provider than an real computer business that not only wants your business but values your business. Real businesses want to ensure you are taken care of way after the service. You don’t want a cheap computer tech that’s going to be here today and gone tomorrow.

You get your computer services by this pizza tech. And maybe he does an okay job; maybe even a great job. But what happens if you are still having the same issues again or new problems; or may have questions and you can’t get back in touch with him/her and they never follow up with you. So want are you going to do now?

Right, you are back to square one. Searching for a new computer tech and have to get used to that one. It’s like your main squeeze just left you after 3 minutes of a relationship and now you are single and back searching for a new squeeze. Not the business!

  • No Contact Information
  • No Follow up

You want to find someone that will setup you up. The ideal tech will take a bit of information from you, name, contact information such as phone, email and maybe an address. Nothing more. Just this much information we can follow up with you and even send you some great customer deals or more information on the services provided.

What happened? Now you not only got an excellent and valued added honest service, you will also be provided their information and a variety of ways to stay connected to them. They may have a website( they should), Facebook and maybe a Twitter. Now if you have any further questions or issues, you already know where to turn to. No searching for someone anymore. And the trust is already established.

Keep in mind, that cheap service is only a small and possibly temporary solution. You lose the control of convenience. They won’t be at your door checking on you, giving you valued added information to help your computer experience and you will never have a peace of mind you will get the same tech next time an issue arises.

Be prepared to connect with a tech that provides an honest service, educates you, and will look forward to your satisfaction and referrals. Your loyalty is what we want. That means we are here for your convenience and will be there.

Just Saying! – You’re The Threat

Nothing has changed when it comes to security threats. More and more devices are getting infected with some kind of malicious software. Whether it’s being downloaded from an email link you clicked on or installing a program or careless internet surfing. Like I said nothing has changed when it comes to end users using their devices. Hackers, or whatever you want to call them know this. And they will continue to take advantage of this. This means they will continue to find new ways to screw up your computer, steal your data and take your life (Identity theft).

So what can you do about? Everything. The question is not what can you do about it but when will you try to do something about it. This is something that is old news but everyone continues the same irresponsible path then expects someone else to fix it.

Don’t get me wrong, more business for me. But I like to approach the issue before it happens. I like to educate you more than fix the issue. I like to approach it to where it lessens the possibility of it happening.

The twisted thing is, no matter how effective you try to protect your computer systems; it’s never going to be 100%. But if you do nothing than you have 100% chance of something going to happen because of the lack of protection you have, clicking on unfamiliar links in your email, downloading free software you haven’t researched about, careless internet browsing.

What’s important to you? Is losing your identity important to you? Is losing your priceless family photos important to you? Or what about losing your projects you spent X amount of time working on. Are you willing to take that step in protecting your data? How much is it worth to you?

Me, Myself and I

I can tell you I do pretty well for myself. I hardly if ever experience anything of what most of my customers call me about. This is going to kill you even more. I don’t have anything on my computer. Now my production computers of course they have pertinent data systems I used for my business that holds important customer files. I do have other computers that I use for my personal interest.

Why? Great question! I will admit I was curious to see if I had the experience my customers had. So I go without thinking about it and just do what I do as an end user.

Disclaimer: I am a technician, so there is the advantage there. But we are also end users at the end of the day.

Every once and awhile I will use the same tools and scan and clean my computer. I get the typical normal things that will appear but that’s mostly just trash from utilization. But nothing as malicious as so many people get on a daily basis.

How are you supposed to know all this if you are not a technical savvy person? This goes back to the question of how much is protecting your data worth it to you. Do you want to invest time to learn how to protect yourself? Or are you willing to pay for the convenience of someone doing the work for you?

And with the New Year coming in, and the following years approaching the threats are not going to stop but possibly increase because they are being allowed to continue by you.

Let’s stop, think and rethink about what you are doing now and begin to do something different for 2017. It’s as simple as learning how to protect yourself better whether you do it yourself or find someone to do it for.

For 2017, I have already begun to redesign solutions for being proactive in my services even in house not just for our customers. Let’s all strive to a safer computer experience for the New Year.

Layered Management Systems Are the New Anti

Just having something installed on your computer is not enough. Like I said above, nothing is 100%, but you have a solid chance of lessening the exposure to many of the trendy threats you hear in the news or from your friends.

You must have more than one layer of protection which includes having an anti-virus program, a malware program and a cleaner for a supplement to those. The next thing is applying a proactive layer that monitors and manages your systems and can discover the potential threat. This will allow you or the tech to make a decision if something needs to be done from the details reported in the health alert.

You can’t do nothing and you certainly just can’t have one layer and expect that to pull you through. It’s up to you to decide. Just give it a second thought.

Good Luck and Happy New Year!

Don’t steal my information

Today, many people rely on a computer to do to do their homework, office work and to store very important information. It is important for the information on the computer to be stored and kept safe.  It is extremely important for people to take the right measures to secure their information. This is protecting their data from data loss, misuse and abuse.  Now for example, is crucial for businesses to keep information

Now home users also need to take the means to make sure that their credit card information is secure when they make purchases online.

A Computer Security risk is any action that could cause loss of information.  Or even damage to a computer.

A cybercrime is known as illegal acts based on the internet and is one of the FBI’s top priorities. There are several distinct categories for people that cause cybercrimes, and they are refereed as hacker, cracker, cyberterrorist, cyber extortionist, unethical employee, script kiddie and corporate spy. The term hacker was actually known as a good word but now it has a very negative view. A hacker is defined as someone who accesses a computer or computer network unlawfully.

You have to know that is important to take precautions to protect you and your products from information that these days. It’s get any easier and easier for people to share digital products.

Information that is a type of computer security risk which is stealing in person’s personal or confidential information. In both, business or home users are both at risk of information theft.  One example is someone stealing credit cards so they can they can make unauthorized purchases on another person’s account. Now if the information is transmitted over the network then it has a very high chance for the malicious users to intercept the information. That means every computer and that path of your data can see what you send.

There are a lot of ways to secure your data.  But the most important thing is to practice cautious Internet surfing. Know the online stores you are purchasing from. Keeping your computer clean and ensure you have no kind of malicious software installed will also prevent others from gathering your private information by recording your keystrokes.

Always get your computer checked by an expert. Be very careful of who you choose to fix your computer. Remember you have private information in there and well that’s one way of people getting your information. I myself, am very thankful to have the skills to fix my own computer and just want you all to be careful who you choose.

Well that’s my word for now.

Internet Security

Years of not only being a computer technician, but simply an end user like all of you. I use the computer just as many of you all do. For entertainment, and work. I also expect my computer to work with no problems, but honestly that is not always the case. There is always going to be something. For example everyone’s biggest issue is getting a virus or some crappy malware infection.

I work on so many computers that get infected its crazy. And I don’t understand sometimes. I will tell you now, more than usual all my computers don’t have a antivirus on them. Why? Well I am just that bad-ass. Just kidding. Seriously, I like to experiment and see what happens. Of course, I have my own set of precautions when protecting my private information. But as the years past I have discovered I don’t run into nothing near what every single one of my customers get on theirs even when I do have Anti-Virus installed, which I like to suggest the one I have been using for years and still to this day it has never disappointment me. I could use something else but I know this program and why change if its always worked for me.

So why does everyone else that has no protection or does; still get infected? HAHA!! What a beautiful question. Let’s see.

  1. No layered approach.
  2. No resident AV on their machine
  3. No Safe and cautious internet surfing
  4. People are a trigger clicker
  5. What’s up with the toolbars
  6. Do google too much!
  7. Um. . . peer to peer file sharing or other kinds of ways you get computer contraband
  8. Getting tricked (all bad)
  9. No one pays any attention to anything.
  10. Never Update

Now the list above may in some ways be harsh to some people but its the TRUTH. I read, see, and experience this day in and day out with family, friends and customers. And admittedly, myself too but I can laugh at myself and quickly fix it.

No Layered Approach and/or Resident Antivirus

If you risk not having anything installed, you can and will get infected. Now, here is the twisted part. Even if you have protection, YOU ARE NOT 100% PROTECTED! I can’t stressed this enough. You need at least another possible supplement to protect against viruses and malware.

Along with having protection, you must perform safe and cautious browsing. You can’t just depend on your antivirus programs of which you pay for to do the job. You as an end user has a responsibility too. Pay a little more attention to what you are searching on, some websites or programs like to trick you. Many of you are just a huge trigger clicker. And they know this.

Now usually most programs, if paid for provide web security where it will alert you or have it to where it will have symbols to show its a good site, but again not always 100%. However it helps. Now emails are different, you just have to know when to NOT CLICK. Usually this means if you don’t know this person or have not requested information from them or if the email address looks like its from outer space, then delete the message. It will only do harm.

I would also suggest not to download toolbars or  install with any FREE programs you get.

I want to share something with you. I love Google. I am in LOVE WITH GOOGLE. I GooooooooGle everything. But when Googling, you have to pay attention when you are looking up issues or errors that you get on your computer. Its good you are researching to fix it but here is the thing. Many websites will provide you solutions that will or can get you into more trouble. Have you installing a program of theirs for a fee to fix your issue. But it never works. Well it works but not in the way you intended it. They just got paid.

Sometimes, you necessarily don’t have to go looking for a program to fix your computer. They just show up telling you “YOUR COMPUTER IS INFECTED WITH 927 viruses”, “Please contact PC Support a partner of Microsoft to fix your computer.” They have a listed number, you call, you let them remote in and then they say they see the problem, we can fix it for $119. How would you like to pay for that?”. And then you are quickly ready to pay them to fix nothing. It was nothing wrong with your computer but that program. Now you are out of $119.

A word, Microsoft does not do this or is partnered with anyone that does this. Don’t trust these calls or programs. Stop, think and rethink. And Be cautious.

Downloading Things

We all like free and that’s ok. But getting free stuff is not always the good business. Peer to peer file sharing or torrenting can open up a world of trouble for your computer and well of course getting into trouble with the law.

Never Updating your computer

We all get annoyed when the updates appear. My blood boils. But I do it. I allow the updates to go through. One reason only. Security. Everyday there is an operating system exploit or software exploit. If that is not patched, then you have a window open for so many things to just climb right in and rob you, take your most prized information and junk your computer. Just trash it.

One last word, think of your computer like a baby, you must take it to get checked. Daily you have to ensure it’s cleaned and  healthy. If not so many things can make it sick.

I really hope this helped many of you. I see it every day. Be careful especially now the holidays are here. Scams are lurking for the most gullible users.

Happy Holidays!!