All You Need is A Domain and some Hosting

At that moment, when you have that GREAT idea for a website, you ask yourself where do I start? That is the best question you can ever ask. Even once you find your website designer or you want to design the website yourself. You must understand the first step. That is registering a domain name and sign up for hosting.

Godaddy is simply a place where you purchase your domain names and hosting. They do offer other excellent products to use for your business.

What is a Domain?

Think of the domain as the address of your home. It’s what you provide when you want something sent to you or if someone wants to come visit you. When you provide someone your website domain, you are giving them the address to go check out your website. A typical domain may look something like

What is Hosting? 

Let’s think about the hosting as your home. The place you live in. The place where you store almost everything you own. It’s the same as your hosting you are storing everything you want to share on a hosting which is simply a remote computer. And every month, you are paying a fee for your website you live there.

What are the fees?

When you are asked by your website developer do you have a domain and hosting, you would provide them just that; your website address and access to your hosting. On an average the rate is $11.99 for a .com. I will say first timers may get lucky with $2.99. The thing is paying for your domain is yearly. The hosting is usually depending on the package which the cheapest one is $8.99 a month. You can choose to pay yearly and you will get a decent discount.

When thinking about your new website ensure you find yourself a registrar such as Godaddy or maybe you found someone else but set up your domain and hosting and you will be ready to design your website.