4 Major Tips to Drive Traffic

I want to share with you some goodness about creating content that can help drive traffic to your website and social network profiles.

If you are unfamiliar with what my agency does, here’s a primer:

We have studied, researched, and analyzed to specialize in driving customer & client acquisition traffic through specific marketing channels to get you THE BUSINESS!

Can you imagine? Growth, productivity, cash flow, or influence that’s 300 times better than what you’ve got now?

What’s the difference between writing content no one wants and creating content that is shared over 1000 times? We all want to create content worth sharing, it leverages our hard work, but sometimes it just takes the right info to get you there.

Give information they need

You can teach something. Give them how-to’s or something NO has never done before. Maybe you found an awesome product and bought it and thought how much this could help someone else. Share your experience. Just a review can make a difference.

Write something with timely information.

There is a plethora of stuff out there to write about that is timely. What kind of drama is going on? A holiday is approaching, what so interesting about that day? A new device is coming out or what’s the new scandal?

Write posts that are funny or have some humor.

We all like to laugh, so find some funny images, memes, or animal pics that may be related to what your business does.

One more thing. DO not write in big chunks of text.

Make sure you don’t write too much. Or make sure you break up your content. No one likes read anything that’s a long drawn out paragraph. This will discourage them.

You want to write something that is honest and useful.

True story: One of my clients earned a new customer. He was impressed by her social media posts. Said they provided excellent information. The awesome thing was he is willing to drive all the way from Mentor to Bedford Hts, Ohio just to patronize.

Now my client has a customer for life. Why he saw the page, drove from Mentor to meet her and check out what she can do for him. And that was it. He couldn’t find no one in his area that interested him and convince him was taken care of.

Good content goes a long way.