Where Are They Now?

There is no better computer repair service provider than an real computer business that not only wants your business but values your business. Real businesses want to ensure you are taken care of way after the service. You don’t want a cheap computer tech that’s going to be here today and gone tomorrow.

You get your computer services by this pizza tech. And maybe he does an okay job; maybe even a great job. But what happens if you are still having the same issues again or new problems; or may have questions and you can’t get back in touch with him/her and they never follow up with you. So want are you going to do now?

Right, you are back to square one. Searching for a new computer tech and have to get used to that one. It’s like your main squeeze just left you after 3 minutes of a relationship and now you are single and back searching for a new squeeze. Not the business!

  • No Contact Information
  • No Follow up

You want to find someone that will setup you up. The ideal tech will take a bit of information from you, name, contact information such as phone, email and maybe an address. Nothing more. Just this much information we can follow up with you and even send you some great customer deals or more information on the services provided.

What happened? Now you not only got an excellent and valued added honest service, you will also be provided their information and a variety of ways to stay connected to them. They may have a website( they should), Facebook and maybe a Twitter. Now if you have any further questions or issues, you already know where to turn to. No searching for someone anymore. And the trust is already established.

Keep in mind, that cheap service is only a small and possibly temporary solution. You lose the control of convenience. They won’t be at your door checking on you, giving you valued added information to help your computer experience and you will never have a peace of mind you will get the same tech next time an issue arises.

Be prepared to connect with a tech that provides an honest service, educates you, and will look forward to your satisfaction and referrals. Your loyalty is what we want. That means we are here for your convenience and will be there.